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Stay Safe at Entertainment and Meeting Venues

Wash Hands Often

Wash hands often

stay home

Stay at home when sick

stay six feet apart

Stay 6 feet apart


How to Stay Safe at Entertainment Venues

As of January 11 indoor entertainment will be permitted in addition to all of the outdoor entertainment opportunities we enjoy in the winter. 

  • Indoor events and entertainment – like bowling alleys, movie theaters and museums – may be open at 25 percent capacity, with no more than 150 people in attendance. 

  • Outdoor events and entertainment can continue at 25 percent capacity with a maximum of 250 people. 

  • Masks are required. 

  • No food service is permitted after 10:00pm. 

  • Food and drink may be served at outdoor venues, but not after 10:00pm. You must be seated in order to eat or drink. Guidelines for outdoor or indoor dining must be followed. 

If you do visit an entertainment venue, follow these safety practices to limit exposure and help keep these businesses open: 

  • Even when you are outside, you must keep six feet of distance between you and people from other households. Masks are not required outside but they are encouraged. 

  • You can take your mask off briefly to eat or drink, but you must be seated. Be sure to maintain social distancing. 

  • Exercise caution with shared amenities like tables and benches. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol if you do use these items.

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