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Stay Safe at Gyms and Fitness Centers

Wash Hands Often

Wash hands often

stay home

Stay at home when sick

stay six feet apart

Stay 6 feet apart


How to Stay Safe at Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers are open under the new guidelines effective on January 11. 

  • Gym capacity remains capped at 25 percent, but facilities can now increase their maximum capacity to 150. 

  • Group classes are permitted with a maximum of 25 people, as long as appropriate distancing can be observed. 

  • Masks are required for everyone at all times, even while exercising. 

  • You must maintain nine feet of distance from other individuals. Machines are also required to be spread nine feet apart. 

If you do go to the gym, follow these safety practices to limit exposure and help keep facilities open: 

  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering at all times: when you arrive, when you leave, and while you’re exercising. 

  • Do not shake hands, hold hands, or have other physical contact with people outside your household. 

  • Avoid gathering with others before or after your workout. 

  • Do not share items and equipment with anyone outside your household until it is sanitized. 

  • Keep at least nine feet away from others while exercising. At all other times, six feet of social distance is required just as it is everywhere else in public. 

  • Follow other safety instructions your fitness center puts in place. 

Public Pools and Aquatic Facilities 

  • All pools and aquatic facilities are open to the public as of January 4. 

  • Pools and aquatic facilities must operate at 25 percent capacity.

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